New Game and Zombie Awareness Day

Spartans! We’re pleased to announce that there will be a Spartans Vs. Zombies game Fall 2014! The game will begin Monday October 6th, and play through Friday October 10th. Since this is the first Fall game in many years, we want to make sure as many people know about it as possible. As such, we’re declaring Thursday October 2nd Zombie Awareness Day at MSU! Dig out your orange or yellow armbands, and show some human pride all day Thursday. We ask that, for this event you stick to just the armband, and leave your Nerf guns at home. Also, we encourage you to head over to this event on facebook and invite all your friends.

Registration is now open!!! Sign up for WordPress and then sign up for the game. You must use an <> address when creating an account in order to play!!! If you would like to help lead the zombie horde as one of the Original Zombies, the process for that will be different this year. Please e-mail with the subject like “OZ” and let us know that you’re interested.

Also, below is this years flyer for Spartans vs. Zombies. If you’d like to print it off and post up copies wherever you think the building won’t take them down, then feel free to help get the word out this way as well. Finally at the bottom is a video log of Alex Clark’s experiences in the Spring 2014 game.

SvZ Fall 2014

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Mission 6 – This is the end.

From you loving zombie overlords,



This is the mission to decide weather the surviving humans will cure all of campus or the zombie infection will condemn us all. Mission will start at 6:30. Humans report to the rock between 6:00 and 6:30. Zombies report to the Spartan Statue between 6:00 and 6:30. The goal for the humans will be to save as many of the cures as possible. We will hand them out to the humans at the start of the mission. The zombies need to try to convert as many humans with cures as possible. Some of the cures will be real and some will not be. Try to save/capture as many as you can. There will be five minute stun time for the zombies during the mission and a five minute conversion time for anyone who gets infected. More information will be given at the start of the mission so please report to your given areas by 6:25. The game will be on pause (zombies can’t be stunned and humans can’t be turned) from 5:30 to 6:30. At 7:30 the game is over and everyone report to Dem Field to hand in you cures and get the results… DO NOT OPEN THE CURES.

Happy hunting Zombies and Stay vigilant humans. This is your last chance for survival/brains.

~SvZ Admins

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MISSION 5: They just keep coming!


A message from the uninfected administrators:


It has come to our attention that the зомби вирус (zombie virus) has mutated due to the success of the zombies last night. Because the Juggernaut became a Super Zombie, the strain of the вирус has increased in strength allowing the zombies to recover from damage inflicted by the humans more quickly. Additionally, the transformation of Pepper Jack (the legendary and charismatic zombie slayer) into a Super Zombie is revealing many strange behavior patterns in humans who are not even part of the struggle.


The reigning administrators have become the first to fall victim to the зомби вирус, and as such they may or may not have been slowly transmitting it to non-resistance members. Pepper Jack’s charisma has also been spread amongst to the Horde, only hastening the progress of зомби вирус. We believe that the horde will be even larger than what is currently reflected in the Game Status section of our website. Rather than cop-out and say “it’s probably nothing to worry about,” we encourage you to stay vigilant before, during, and after tomorrow’s operation. The MSU Russian Club is eager to find out exactly how these enhanced zombies can be stopped, as they had previously slaughtered many of the agents in the first mission without any added perks. To find out such information, members of the human resistance will be able to positively accelerate cure research by stunning zombies with their FOAM (Fun Ordinance Disposal Mechanism) darts during the mission. Some ZED (Zombie-less Engineering and Defense) agents will be scattered around North Campus from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM to dispense a somewhat limited amount of cures to the humans.   This cure will be able to  revent the zombie virus from taking over a recently infected human but be warned, they may also be providing help to the Horde as well. Trust no one.


A message from Pepper Jack and the Juggernaut:


Now is the *brains* (time) to test your skills in a *brains* (situation) where you are truly *brains* (undead)! Utilize the *brains* (ZEDs) to see how many Humans *brains* *brains* *brains* (you can infect in preparation for the *brains* (Final Mission))! Go forth, destroy the Human Resistance,  and eat their *brains* (brains) 


*Brains**brains*, *brains**brains**brains*….*braaaains*! (REDACTED)


Rewards for Mission 4:


• For the turning of the Juggernaut, the Horde has had their stun timer reduced to 10 minutes from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

• For the turning of Pepper Jack, people who have not registered may participate in tomorrow’s mission and fight for the Horde (more information in its own section below).

• For holding Wells after turning both Super Zombies all zombies will be fed today before the mission and all starved zombies will be brought back to life and may play all day today and play tomorrow for the final mission! (Starved zombies, you may start playing now but it will take us a little while to change the website.)

• For trying really hard the Humans will have a safe zone in the Sny-Phi Courtyard starting at 6:45 PM. Prior to that, they may still be turned into zombies.  After the mission there will be a 20 minute pause on the game from 8:30 PM – 8:50 PM to tally up the scores and let you know the Kill/Death.  We will announce the results at Adams field for the Zombies and Snyder-Phillips for the humans.  Humans may use the pause time to retreat from the mission to fight on Saturday if they wish, however, anyone who can’t come Saturday might as well stick around to hear the results (“Fighting you way home through the horde can be a very … rewarding experience.” Translated quote from The Collective Works of the Juggernaut, actual quotation “Braaaaains“)



As is traditional, this Friday Mission was designed to be a lot of fun.  This mission is all about how many humans you can “eat” or how many Zombies you can “kill”.

• For the duration of tomorrow’s mission, HUMANS CANNOT BE TURNED! (unless you want to join the horde)

• Humans will report to Snyder -Phillips courtyard by 7:00 PM and Zombies to Adams Field by 7:00 PM for further instruction.  Mission will end at 8:30 PM and will be played on North campus (All on campus parts north of the river).

• The ZED agents will cure any human who gets tagged by a zombie. Conversely, they will also instantly un-stun zombies who approach them.  Zombies, during the mission the ONLY way for you to be unstunned is to approach a moderator.  Humans, if you wish to join the horde after being tagged please report to a moderator and let them know.  You will then be allowed to fight for the horde immediately.  Note however that there is no going back once turned!

• The ZEDs will be able to spontaneously create temporary safe zones as they see fit. Boundaries will be up to their discretion.

• The ZEDs are not just figure heads—they will actually take note of how many Humans get tagged and how many Zombies get stunned for statistical purposes. Please follow the honors system and report to them whenever you are tagged/stunned.  We are going to be calculating the K/D for this mission and see how many humans get turned for ever zombie that gets tagged.

A note on Unregistered Player Participation:

Hello members of SvZ! Humans, have you ever wanted to have strangers fire FOAM darts at your friends? Zombies, have you ever wanted to get revenge on the humans that left you behind? Did you ever want to do that with an even larger horde? Do you know that person who missed registration?  THEN INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO FIGHT FOR THE HORDE at Adams Field! Unregistered players must bring their own bandanas and cannot tag humans after the mission.

They MUST SIGN A SAFETY WAIVER AT ADAMS FIELD TO PLAY.  This is to protect us as a group and anyone caught playing without signing a safety waiver will be asked to leave or we will have to call the authorities.

Just remind them that:

***Spartans Vs Zombies is not responsible for any personal damage or injury incurred while playing, nor is Spartans Vs Zombies responsible for any stolen or lost property. Spartans Vs Zombies encourages players to view safety as pertinent during participation and Spartans Vs Zombies maintains that all players must abide by all safety regulations and policies established by Michigan State University and does not condone any illegal or unsafe behavior. If any unregistered person is caught breaking any laws or MSU ordinances the police will be notified. ***



We hope everyone can come out for the mission!  To confirm there will be a mission on Saturday starting at 6:30 PM and it will run until 7:30PM after which we will meet up as a group to find out if the Humans were able to cure campus and kill the infection, or if the Zombies have infected us all and we have join the Horde… It’ll be sweet.


Stay Vigilant!

~SvZ Admins

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Mission 4: Nothing to See Here


To surviving resistance members,

Greetings! We would like to thank everyone for coming out today. We had a great time. Good news, the humans were able to collect 48 of the brains…ahem…supplies and the zombies managed to get 26 of them. Great job zomb….everyone

We have figured out the best way to deal with the zombie virus. So we are going to ask for all the players to come to Wells Hall tomorrow to get treated. Just come one at a time. And don’t bother bringing any weapons, you won’t need them. Once you get to Wells, we will go ahead and ….. “take care” of you. We promise you wont have to worry about zombies chasing after you anymore. Don’t worry about what happened with those supplies for the cures, they probably wouldn’t have helped anyway.

Have a great day. We will enjoy eati….meeting you at wells.



Hey guys, Aaron here. So I know I’m new at this and I’m just supposed to be writing the re-caps, but I think the old admins are zombies. Ben left me a note that said he found out what was happening to him. He also said that he was going to lock himself in a room and eat as many Nerf darts as he could. So I think he is a lost cause.  I’m not sure what the other admins did with most of the supplies that were collected but I did what I could with the ones I could find and developed a zombie sedative that lasts until 5:00 PM.

I’m kind of scared for anyone who decides to go to Wells tomorrow, but I think we still have a chance to save the other admins from being turned completely. They fought off the infection for four years and I think they just need to be reminded of which side they are on. The problem is, if zombies get to them first we may have some super zombies on our hands. But, if we manage to save them they should be able to return to their duties for at least a few more days.

There are a few more moderators that are still human that may be able to help us. I’ll let you guys know where they will be later. I don’t trust sending the information to all players, so I’ll send out the information I find to only the humans around 2:00 PM. We will just have to hope none of the Resistance gets turned after that, allowing the zombies to wind up with the info. I know the admins will be on campus from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM tomorrow to try to help coordinate the spread of the “cure” but I am not sure where. We will need to find them and see to their recovery.


Mission 3 Results/Rewards:

Thanks to the Humans’ considerable efforts, with 48 collected, the zombies will have a 30 minute stun time from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM tomorrow.

Due to their success at the mission and the nefarious scheming of supposed Human allies, with 26 collected, any zombie can be instantly un-stunned and any recently tagged human can be instantly turned during the mission tomorrow by going to the moderator at Wells Hall.


~SvZ Admins

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Mission 3: It’s All Under Control…


ATTN: East Lansing Resistance,

Unfortunately, with the results from the testing, a limited supply of zombie repellent has successfully been created with the resources available on campus. A complete cure is still in the works but will require time and more resources to perfect…resources that must not be allowed to reach the Resistance. With the quarantine placed on East Lansing, the Center for Disease Control will be air dropping supplies into the area for campus scientists to work with. They will be dropping the supplies randomly within the game boundaries at 7:00 PM. The humans plan on releasing the zombie repellent all across campus 20 minutes prior to the drop off to give them time to tactically deploy units to pick up the supplies…but that won’t help them as much as they think. These supplies (denoted by an orange piece of construction paper) will land in random locations, so some may be hidden and some may be obvious. Campus scientists will be set up at Wells Hall until 8:00 PM (in the area between it, the International Center, and Erickson) to collect any recovered supplies. Sadly, these scientists have surrounded themselves with zombie repellent and cannot even be approached by zombies.


The good news is, these supplies are easily corrupted. If a zombie comes into contact with a supply, either by finding it or tagging the person holding it, the supply is ruined (tear it in half). Any ruined supplies can be stockpiled at the Rock to taunt the humans.




100 standard size pieces of orange construction paper (supplies) will be hidden across campus (within game boundaries). Each side may find the supplies early, but please use the honor system and do not move/pick them up until the start time (7:00 PM). Some will be hidden, while others will be out in the open, so search well and search everywhere.


Humans return recovered supplies to a moderator in the field behind Wells Hall until 8:00 PM. A human may carry more than one supply, and can trade to other people. If a human carrying supplies is tagged by a zombie, the supplies are lost to that zombie.


Zombies return destroyed supplies to a moderator at the Rock until 8:00 PM. Any orange paper found by a zombie or taken from a human must be torn in half to signify destruction.


The moderator at Wells Hall will not allow any zombies to approach. Any tags that happen within sight of this moderator will not count due to the copious amounts of zombie repellent surrounding him.


Mission 2 Results/Rewards:


The Humans successfully tested 20 of the 32 strains. As a result, they received enough information to create a zombie repellent that will work for 20 minutes across campus just before the supply drop. Every zombie is inert for the 20 minutes prior to the start of the mission (6:40 – 7:00) and may not tag any humans during this time, nor can they be stunned. For game purposes, they can still coordinate and move around.

Note: If a human and zombie are both at the exact location of a supply drop at 7:00 PM, Rock/Paper/Scissors can be used during a temporary truce to determine who gets to pick it up once the mission starts. After the conflict is decided, both sides must take at least 10 steps away from each other before resuming play. As mentioned, this only applies to supplies claimed right at the start of the mission.


Good luck,


~SvZ Admins


P.S. – Don’t forget to stay diligent on your school work. We all know the value of a nice, healthy brain…


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Mission 2: The Threat is Real


To all Resistance Members:
Congratulations, we were able to confirm that there is indeed a new zombie virus on campus!  Data was successfully collected from two of the ZED students. From the information gathered, we were able to decode its basic structure.  The remaining four ZED students were taken into Zombie rehab for ‘treatment’, however they seemed to have helped the zombies strengthen their virus before they were… captured.
We will need to test various cures at strategic points across campus to find out the details of the strain of anti-virus needed to develop a cure.  Each location has been setup with their own testing area, but the humans will have to transport the tests across campus.  Each sample must be tested at the Union, the Sparty statue, Wells Hall, and the Snyder/Phillips courtyard, and then delivered to Beaumont tower.  The information gathered by our two ZED students has helped us rule out some potential cures …sadly.
The test samples will take five minutes to prepare before they are ready to be carried around campus and each location will have enough supplies for eight samples.  The samples from each location will be injected into a courier and will use their own immune system to analyze the cure.  If the human is infected by the zombie virus before delivering the sample, the information will be corrupted and lost.  Each person can only take one injection and will then need to get the booster shots from the other locations and deliver the results before they can be injected again.

Also, the injections must be taken right after they are prepared; if the humans miss an injection it is wasted and the information will be useless.


This may be considered human testing by some people, but…whatever.  Be warned however that the injections may attract the zombies already infected… but I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Four mods (marked with a light blue and/or purple bandanna) will be at the following locations from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM:

  • South Union steps
  • Sparty Statue
  • Wells Hall Patio
  • Snyder/Phillips Courtyard
They will pass out a notecard marked with their location every five minutes from 7:00 PM until 7:40 PM to a nearby human.  If no human is present at the five minute mark, then the card is lost.
The cards need to be transported to the three other locations and marked by the moderators there.  After a card has a mark from all four locations on it, it must then be delivered safely to a fifth moderator at Beaumont Tower.
***The card cannot be passed to another person once it is handed out, a human may only carry one card at a time, and it can only be delivered to Beaumont Tower after it is marked by all four moderators.
***If a zombie turns a human carrying a card, the card is lost (you can tear it in half and then… recycle it!)  We all know littering is bad for the brain.
Reminder:  Vehicles of any kind (cars, bikes, longboards, rollerskates, scooters, etc.) may only be used arrive to/depart from missions.  They may not be used as quick transport across campus during the the missions.
Mission 1 Results/Rewards:
 The Zombies were able to take four of the six locations during Mission 1.  Because of this, tomorrow from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Zombie stun time will be reduced to 11 minutes instead of 15 minutes.  Also, because one of the locations that they were able to take was the Beaumont student who was going to reveal the OZ’s, they will receive an additional bonus.  From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM any human who is infected may begin playing as a zombie after 11 minutes instead of waiting an hour.  This will allow newly turned zombies to participate in the mission after being tagged.
The Humans were able to protect two of the six locations during Mission 1. Since the Humans were able to keep a third of the locations safe, 1/3 of the cards given out at each location for Mission 2 will have a second location already marked on the card in addition to the starting location, so they will be easier to complete.  These will be randomly shuffled into the stacks of notecards, however, the last card at each location (the one given out at 7:40 PM) is guaranteed to have two locations marked on it. Also, the OZ’s will be marked as normal zombies for the rest of the week.
Thanks for everyone who was able to come out and we hope to see you tomorrow!
Stay vigilant if you want,
~SvZ Admins
P.S. – We know it is possible to cheat with this game by giving people fake codes or ones they can’t read.  Being a zombie is part of the game, just like being a human.  We cannot control what you do but if you don’t actually risk becoming a zombie then you’re not really playing the game at all.  We ask everyone to be honest and play the game. Have fun!

P.P.S. – remembeR to have fUn, stay vigiLant, and rEspect 0ther players!
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Mission 1: They Walk Among Us!


Fellow MSU Resistance:

We have recently recieved information from the Russian Club here at MSU that a strain of the зомби Вирус (zombie virus) has been spotted here on MSU campus. The administration wants to confirm the outbreak but recognizes the dangers of having their employees on an infected campus without protection. For this they have tasked us, the Spartan Resistance of MSU, to defend their representatives from danger while they attempt to shine some light on this new infection. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about though.

The university is sending out 6 ZED (Zombie-less Engineering and Defense) graduate students at key points around campus. These grad students will be located by Brody, Case volleyball court, Wells Hall, Snyder-Phillips/Mason-Abbot courtyard, East by Conrad Hall (the oval), and Beaumont field. They will be marked with a blue or purple bandanna on their arm and will begin their ‘process’ at 7:00 PM.

The ZED have been trained to be immune to all normal zombie attacks, but can be infected by an OZ.  If they are infected by an OZ they will have to go into zombie rehab and their findings will be lost. They will be collecting data on this new ‘Russian’ strain of the Zombie virus which willl hopefully be able to help us find a cure. These students will depart at 9:00 PM after finishing their research.

NOTE: The ZED at Beaumont tower will be the one looking for the OZ’s, but he cannot protect himself as well as the others. At 8:00 PM he will reveal the names of the OZ’s to any human near him and then depart. That is unless he is taken care of.


Starting at 7:00 PM protect the mods at:

  • Brody (by Emmons hall)
  • Beaumont Field (Roaming)***
  • Snyder/Phillips courtyard
  • South Complex by Case
  • Wells Hall
  • East Complex by Conrad Hall

These mods can only be marked with a blue or purple bandanna on their arm, may only be tagged by OZ’s, and will leave at 9:00 PM when the mission ends.
***The Mod at Beaumont tower will reveal the names of the OZ’s at 8:00 PM. He can be tagged by normal zombies as well as OZ’s but he cannot be tagged after 8.


As some of you may know this year is the last year for most of us who started SvZ here at MSU. We dedicate this game to them and all the seniors who are graduatiing! We are all sad we’re leaving but we wanted to make sure SvZ carries on, and many members from the Russian club have vowed to step up to take the reins.

You may soon come to realize that maybe we aren’t fit to run the braiii game, anymore.


Stay Vigilant!
~SvZ Admins

P.S. – Remember that the Original Zombies (OZ’s) are marked as humans and will not intentially reveal themselves until it is too late!

P. P. S. – The names of the administrators and mods will have their own page on the site to avoid anyone posing as a moderator. Any moderator should be willing to show identification if asked.

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Fellow Resistance Members,

Spartans vs zombies is about to kick-off!  Tomorrow the Zombie plague will descend onto campus and it will be up to you to fight off the infection.  This week will consist of an epic adventure for your very lives with dangers on your way to class and special missions every night that will test your survival skills.  At the end of the week there will be an epic conclusion where you will either save all of campus and cure the zombie virus, or the zombies will infect us all and we will all be part of the horde.  Will we be humans, or will we be Zombies?  Spartans, it is up to you to decide!
Some reminders of the rules of play and what you will need for tomorrow:
*** Everyone make sure that you have an orange or yellow bandannas! Familiarize yourself with the rules on our website and make sure you know where the boundaries are for when you’re on campus.
*** Humans wear your bandannas on your arms and make sure you have two copys of your code (found on your Player tab) LEGIBLY written down on note cards that you can give out to a zombie that tags you.  Zombies remember to report your codes online as soon as you can so that those humans you tag can reports their codes after the hour “conversion time” is complete.
*** Original Zombies (OZ’s) will be marked as humans tomorrow with a bandanna on their arms.  They can be stunned if they are shot or hit with a sock, however they do not have to reveal themselves as an OZ and after 15 minutes they can tag people again like any zombie.
Here are two informational videos we have made in the past, the information is mostly still good so check them out!
–No painting Nerf guns to make them cameo or to look real.  Original colors on and make sure that they are obviously fake guns, we don’t want any “Gun on campus” calls made to the police.
–If you have a dispute (You thought you shot a zombie before they tagged you but they thought you missed) the official policy is that it should be settled with a game of Rock – Paper – Scissors.  If the Human wins then the Zombie is stunned, if the Zombie wins then the human is infected.
–If you find yourself in a dangerous situation (trapped in a parking lot, prevented from crossing a street because there are zombies waiting just over the curb, or trapped on a bridge from both sides and you only way off is to jump of a bridge for example) we urge you to not act hastily.  You may call a “Time-out” And then you and the other Spartans involved should move to a safer area nearby and duke it out.  Take 10 steps away from each other and then start again.  This ONLY be used to get yourself out of a dangerous situation and not as a way to give you the chance to run away.  We want people to be safe and to have fun, please don’t abuse this rule or any no-play zones such as doorways and buildings.
–The Southern Sidewalk of Grandriver on north campus that is considered off campus and therefore a no-play zone.  ON campus starts as soon as you are on the other side of the fence.
–Remember that bike racks, when you’re locking/unlocking your bike, when you’re standing in line to get on a bus (but not waiting at the bus stop), and when you’re 10 feet in front of any open or unlocked door you considered to be in a no-play zone, same as inside any building and riding on any vehicle (skate board, bikes, cars, rollerblades, etc).  Humans cannot be tagged, zombies cannot be stunned, and guns should be stowed inside a bag or otherwise concealed.  Humans, if you think you were 10 feet from a door or still locking your bike then zombies we ask that you pick you prey better next time, Zombies, if you think they were fair game then Rock-Paper-Scissors and humans do your best to limit how long you are in no-play zones. (Again please don’t abuse this rule, we want to keep people safe and having fun.)  No loitering in no-play zones in order to catch people of guard or to stay “protected” please.
–Remember to have fUn, stay vigiLant, and rEspect 0ther players!
Finally there is still time for your friend to sign up for the game! Registration ends at Tomorrow morning at 7 am!  You will get an e-mail by 5 pm with the mission details for tomorrow night, the mission will be from 7 pm – 9pm.
Stay Vigilant out there,
~[SvZ] Admins
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Register Today!!!!

Fellow Humans,

Spartans vs Zombies is now up for registration!! So gather your bandannas (orange or yellow), socks and blasters and get ready to fight some zombies!! Please make sure you create an account with the site and then also sign up for the game (make sure you have a code and write it down to carry). The game will be next week the 14th through the 19th, so make sure to tell all of your friends. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this!


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