1. Welcome!




MSU’s giant version of a classic college game, played on campuses nationwide.

A free, week-long game of tag with hundreds of annual players.

The most fun thing ever.




A foam dart blaster.

A bright orange bandanna.

A Player Code from this site! Write it on a notecard and carry it with you.




There are three types of players:

1. Humans.

All players begin the game as Humans.

Humans try to survive as long as possible. They carry foam dart blasters or rolled-up socks & defend themselves with them.

When a Human is tagged, they wait 10 minutes, then become a Zombie.

2. Zombies.

Zombies try to tag Humans using their hands. These ones can run.

When a Zombie’s body is hit by a dart or sock, they are ‘stunned’.

Stunned Zombies temporarily wear their bandannas around their necks. After 10 minutes, they are back in the game.

When a Zombie tags a Human, the Human hands over his Player Code. Player Codes are entered on this website.

Note: Unlike in previous games, Zombies do not starve.

3. Original Zombies.

Original Zombies (OZs) are a pre-selected few, beginning the game as Zombies.

They only appear on Monday, quietly tagging as many humans as they can.

They act like Humans, carrying weapons and wearing their bandannas on their arms.

They can be stunned like regular zombies, but don’t move their bandannas when they’re stunned.

Humans tagged by Original Zombies wait 10 minutes, then become Zombies.

OZ Survival Tip: On Monday, trust no one.




The MSU campus.

The game takes place all day, from the 11th to the 16th, from 7am to midnight.

Indoors and within 10 feet of entrances are Safe Zones. We don’t play here.

Keep your blasters hidden while indoors.




1. Your weapons CANNOT look like real weapons. Don’t paint them. Don’t cover or remove their orange tips. This is REALLY IMPORTANT.

2. Only foam dart blasters and clean, rolled-up socks may be used. No foam swords/melee weapons, marshmallow guns, tasers, etc. Don’t throw blasters or anything other than socks.

3. Don’t involve non-players. They cannot participate in any way. Be respectful to everyone on campus, whether they are playing or not.

4. When indoors, all weapons must be put away.

5. This is a tagging-only game. No tackling, etc.

6. Bandannas must always be worn and visible, except in Safe Zones.

7. Zombies cannot use items or weapons, such as shields

8. Stunned Zombies cannot obstruct play in any way (act as shields, run toward Humans, physically contact Humans or their items). They should not actively pursue those who stunned them, but they may remain in the area and travel with active Zombies.

9. Players must remain on-foot. No bikes, mopeds, skateboards, cars or other vehicles can be used while playing. If you need to use a vehicle, remove your bandanna to avoid confusion.

10. A tag to a weapon counts as a tag.

11. If a tag is disputed, rock-paper-scissors determines the outcome. If the Human wins, other Zombies should let them escape.

Remember: Sportsmanship and respect are what make SVZ possible!




Missions are the craziest part of Spartans Vs Zombies.

Beginning at 7pm every night, missions involve optional, large-scale objectives for Humans.

Zombies use this opportunity to hunt.

Each night has a new mission, posted in the Mission Briefing section and emailed to players.

This year, special missions will also be posted. These may take place during the day or late at night. Stay tuned!



How can I contact you guys?

The SVZ Team can be reached at Mods@SpartansVsZombies.com

We have an Official Facebook Page and Twitter!

We also have an Unofficial Facebook Group! It’s run by the players, not us.

Remember to tag your posts with #SpartansVsZombies during the week!

During the game, we’re the people with blue or purple bandannas.

Stay Vigilant!

SVZ 2016. Photo credit to Nic Antaya.