Thanks for playing!

Stay tuned for information about the Spring 2015 game of Spartans vs Zombies. Be sure to tell your friends know about it!

~SvZ Admins

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Mission 5 – 10/10/14

You hear another radio message and do not just skip to the bottom to see the useful points:

“The Zombies and Humans fought ferociously last night as they gathered subjects the government experimented on (what? there’s no plot holes here). The Humans captured just enough to create a zombie repellent long enough to last the majority of the morning. The zombies, however, were able to counter for the most part. Using the OZs’ inherent cunning, the zombies were able to alter their physique to diminish the effects of NERF and sock tech (please suspend all disbelief).

The Human Resistance, realizing the inherent danger in staying on MSU’s campus, were able to use this very radio station in order to call for helicopter evacuation. The government stated that they would be able to pick up the cures that the MSU Professor of Zombiology has been working on for a cure bomb. In order to achieve this, the helicopters will arrive at 8:00pm at Beaumont Tower. They will then transport the cures to the most pacific, unthreatening area in every interpretable way possible: The Big House in Ann Arbor.

The Professor noted that the cures will need a full 2 hours exposed near zombies in order to successfully create a cure bomb later (again, please suspend all disbelief). Also, the Professor has apparently been preparing a Juggernaut serum that will affect ONE Human. The Humans will be preparing for the helicopters, but apparently Zombies know how to use radios too, so they’ll probably have something planned, as well.

——MISSION DETAILS——6:00pm to 7:00pm



[For the map above] The red outline of North Campus is the boundary of play. Please do not go into any buildings during the mission. The botanical gardens are off-limits. Steer away from playing on the sidewalk of Grand River, avoid parking lots, and don’t get hit by a car while trying to evade a tag (please don’t ruin the awesome no-injury streak we’ve had this game). The Rock and the field by the Rock is off-limits ONLY if there is an event over there. Please use common sense when it comes to boundaries of play.

This is the mission to decide whether the surviving humans will cure all of campus with a cure bomb or whether the zombie infection will condemn us all. Mission will start at 6:00PM. Humans will report to the Sny-Phi Courtyard between 5:45 and 6:00. Zombies will report to the Adams Field between 5:45PM and 6:00PM.

The goal for the humans will be to save as many of the cures as possible. We will hand them out to the humans beginning at 5:45PM at the Sny-Phi Courtyard. The zombies need to try to convert as many humans with cures as possible. Some of the cures will be real and some will be duds. Try to save/capture as many as you can.

The more humans that show up to the mission, the more cures there will be in play, however, there will not be one cure for each human. More information will be given at the start of the mission so please report to your given areas at least by 5:55PM. This way, we can answer any questions you might have.

Due to the results of Mission 4, there will be a 1 hour safe zone from 5:00PM to 6:00PM all over campus.

Admins will also only accept cures at Beaumont Tower at 8:00PM exactly (so humans, try to end up there right then).

If you get turned into a zombie during the mission, you may drop off your blaster where Moderators will be more than happy to watch over your blasters.

DO NOT OPEN THE CURES! Any opened cures will not be counted.

This is it: THE END. If the zombies are able to get one cure, the cunning Original Zombies will be able to make the infection airborne, turning the Resistances’ own zombie repellent dispensers against them (what plot holes?) Either everyone is a human or everyone is a zombie.

To the Horde: Happy Hunting

Stay Vigilant, Resistance

Mission 4: Consequences:

For scoring 7 points: the humans get a 1 hour safe zone leading into the mission from 5:00PM to 6:00PM. The humans will also gain ONE JUGGERNAUT (who will take 4 tags to bring down). **The Juggernaut will be chosen by Admins at Sny-Phi before the mission start**

For scoring 5 points: the zombies get 7 minute stun times and 7 minute conversion times FOR ALL OF FRIDAY. This reward is for perseverance in the face of danger and the fact that zombies were able to score so many points without blasters.

~SvZ Admins

PS: Visually it will be very clear as to who the Juggernaut is. Again, it will take 4 hits to get him to be turned. On the 4th hit, if the Juggernaut is holding a cure, it will be destroyed the same as any other cure.

PPS: The Zombies only need to capture ONE cure that isn’t a dud in order to infect all of campus. The Humans themselves won’t know if the cure they are transporting is a cure or not.

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Mission 4 – 10/09/2014

[UPDATE: Human Reward is still classified. Zombie Reward will be 2 minute stun timers for an hour (TBD) on Friday, with 7 minute stun timers the rest of the game.]


You know the drill, tonight, there’s an announcement looping at the top of every hour. It’s clearly meant for humans, but zombies know how to operate a radio too. If you don’t want to read the story version of events, then scroll to the bottom for the bullet points, and the next mission.

“Boy do I have some news for you folks. Humanity had another recon effort tonight, and even though the zombies are more powerful than ever, they managed to get some work done. The funny part is, they bring in 23 CoRe’s, and they’re all excited because they think they’re collecting parts of the cure. That’s the rumor that got around about what was in these packages. There was a miscommunication and it turns out those CoRe’s were actually just bound-up research papers. Though there is no further development of a cure, a mountain of information the escape Original Zombies has been revealed thanks to the efforts of the humans!

The papers revealed to us that there was some mad scientist research going on, some high paying client wanted a human-safe serum for the super-zombie enhancement (minus the being a zombie part). So in April they captured some of the more cunning zombies and kept them alive. If the zombies can get back into the lab, they’ll start to unleash an airborne version of this serum. The Professor believes that if the zombies can get unrestricted access to the lab, they’ll be able to supercharge their regenerative abilities past anything we’ve ever encountered!”

——-MISSION DETAILS——-6:00pm to 7:00pm

Prior Mission 4, there will be a safe zone on campus from 5:30pm to 6:00pm and no players can be turned into zombies. During Mission 4, there is also no turning of humans into zombies—players will be playing solely to capture moderators. If you get tagged or stunned, head back to one of your teams moderators (Human moderators have armbands and Zombie moderators have headbands) and have them refresh you so you can keep playing—the sooner you get refreshed, the sooner you can get back to playing. Read on for this paragraph to make more sense.

Attention all players! It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another iteration of


This time, however, you are playing to DIRECTLY affect the parameters of the final mission on Friday, The winning team will receive a distinct edge on Friday. The bigger the win, the bigger the reward!
***But really, play for the objectives, people. It will be worth it, but due to the confidential nature of mission planning, we cannot disclose exactly WHAT the rewards will be until after the mission has concluded. [UPDATE: SCROLL TO TOP FOR REWARDS]

Instead of having designated “Zombie” or designated “Human” areas of play, each team will instead have a small home base, stuns and tags within these bases do not count, otherwise, the game rules are as normal except that tags and stuns can be immediately reversed by returning to a team-affiliated mod.
There will be one stationary moderator at each base, otherwise mods able to be captured will roam outside the bases and wear their bandannas as appropriate to their team.

The Human Base is located in Adam’s Field, behind the college of music
The Zombie Base is located in the Snyder-Phillips Courtyard, between SnyPhi and Mason/Abbot
• Moderators that are to be captured by zombies will be wearing armbands and will be roaming nearer to the human base (but not too close).
• Moderators that are to be captured by humans will be wearing headbands and will be roaming nearer to the zombie base (also not too close).


     1. Gameplay continues as normal, with the exception of reversible tags/stuns, zombies stunned will immediately pull their headbands down around their necks, and tagged humans will raise their arms/guns to indicate that they have been taken out of play.
            a. Inactive players may return to base to instantly become active again, roaming mods have the same ability, provided no other opposing players are nearby (at moderator discretion).

     2. Players will seek out and “claim” moderators from the OPPOSING TEAM ONLY, by tagging that moderator by hand, darts and socks do not count.
a. Humans attempt to capture zombie mods (wearing the headband) and zombies attempt to capture human mods (wearing an armband).
b. Tagged moderators will accompany players back to their home base, each moderator returned to base counts as one point, the goal is of course, to exceed the other team’s score by the end of mission. The greater the point difference, the greater the reward.

     3. Claimed moderators will attempt to follow the nearest active player of the team that has claimed them, but for a mod to keep moving, players must remain CLOSE (within 10 feet or so. Again this will be at the moderator’s discretion).

     4. Moderators will move faster if more active players are near them, one player might convince a tagged moderator to walk with them, slowly…. but a larger group might convince that moderator to run…

RULES 3 AND 4 mean that Captures CAN be stopped, if a moderator is lightly escorted, a team can reclaim, or severely slow that moderator by eliminating the players escorting the mod, or at worst, driving them far enough away that they are no longer within the required 10 feet or so for that mod to move.

     5. NO CAMPING
a. A mod that has been “scored” is out of play until back within his/her own roaming area.
i. Once you have gotten a mod back to base, move away immediately, do not follow that mod back to their side of the map. (Srsly tho)
b. Do not attempt to pin either team within their own base, mods will watch for this, and tell you to disperse.

6. NO RED ROVER!!!!!
a. Spend your time seeking out the other team’s mods, or tracking down your missing mods, don’t try to blockade part of the play area.

And have fun. Stationary moderators at the bases will arrive at 5:45PM to ensure any questions beforehand are answered so everyone has a great time.

And again: Prior Mission 4, there will be a safe zone on campus from 5:30pm to 6:00pm and no players can be turned into zombies. During Mission 4, there is also no turning of humans into zombies—players will be playing solely to capture moderators. If you get tagged or stunned, head back to one of your teams moderators (Human moderators have armbands and Zombie moderators have headbands) and have them refresh you so you can keep playing—the sooner you get refreshed, the sooner you can get back to playing.

Alright. That’s it. Good luck tomorrow.

Mission 3 Consequences:

For collecting 23/60 CoRe’s, humans will have a 1 hour safe zone across campus from 10:30am to 11:30am on Thursday, meaning absolutely no humans can be tagged during this time.

For collecting 22/60 CoRe’s, zombies will have a stun time of 10 minutes for the rest of the game. (This has been reduced from 15 minutes.)

Stay Vigilant!

~SvZ Admins

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Mission 3


It seems that most radios around campus have been turned to the only remaining station, which continued swing jazz music, and occasionally provide updates on government activities and the progress of the zombie horde. At 9PM, we heard the following announcement.

“At 7:11pm, a swarm of Helicopters descended on Michigan State University, and were able to spray zombie repellent around the entire campus until 7:45pm, thus saving the professor and all of the remaining human resistance. The humans had successfully found the professor, and convinced him of their ability to protect him and he agreed to remain on campus. What we’re hearing now is that he programmed a campus automated security system to go into effect, and it should create a safe period from 12:00pm to 2:00pm on Wednesday.

The professor also noted that many CoRe’s would be needed in order to accelerate a cure for the humans. Hopefully the humans will be able to collect the supplies faster than the zombies destroy them.

With that out of the way, I’d like to pass on a concerning rumor about the turning of humans into zombies. I’ve received multiple reports that zombies are turning at a quicker pace from past encounters. I can’t say what to make of this, only to be on your guard. Stay Vigilant!

——-MISSION DETAILS——-6:00pm to 7:00pm

*****All zombies will have a 10 MINUTE STUN TIME only during MISSION 3*****

60 CoRe’s (“colorful rectangles” AKA standard size pieces of construction paper) will be hidden across campus (within game boundaries). Each side may find the supplies early, but please use the honor system and do not move/pick them up until the start time (6:00 PM). Some will be hidden, while others will be out in the open, so search well and search everywhere.

Humans return recovered supplies to a moderator in the field behind Wells Hall until 7:00PM. A human may carry more than one supply, and can trade to other people. If a human carrying supplies is tagged by a zombie, the supplies are lost to that zombie.

Zombies return destroyed supplies to a moderator at the Shaw Green Space until 7:00 PM. Any orange paper found by a zombie or taken from a human must be torn in half to signify destruction.

The moderator at Wells Hall will not allow any zombies to approach. Any tags that happen within sight of this moderator will not count due to the copious amounts of zombie repellent surrounding him (duh).

Again, return locations are:
• Humans: Wells Courtyard
• Zombies: Shaw Green Space

Mission 2 Consequences:

For protecting the professor, a safe zone was opened from 7:11pm to 7:45pm on Tuesday. On Wednesday, there will be a safe zone across campus from 12:00pm to 2:00pm, meaning absolutely no humans can be tagged during this time.

As of 7:00am on Wednesday, all humans tagged will only have to wait 30 minutes before they turn into zombies. This is because the zombies did such an awesome job maintaining a perimeter around Wells Courtyard for quite a while during Mission 2.

Stay Vigilant!

~SvZ Admins

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Mission 2 – Fall 2014

UPDATE: Humans turned into Zombies during Mission 2 will have a 10 minute turn time instead of a 1 hour turn time. If you are turned into a zombie during this mission and would like to continue playing, find a moderator/admin and we will hold onto your blaster till the end of the mission.

(Recap at bottom)

   The first night’s mission was a bit of a slaughter. The Original Zombies took out all five field agents in a very quick succession. Several members of the resistance fell protecting the agents as well. Michigan State has been thrown into chaos. Electricity continues to operate, but you’ve lost all local television and every radio station except for one:

   “11:30PM last night, there was a quarantine put on the city of East Lansing and Michigan State’s campus. They didn’t heard back from a single agent, and cell phone video leaked of one of the Originals walking and holding a conversation with an agent and two members of the resistance, before brutally dispatching all of them in a matter of seconds. As a result, their infection is spreading faster than what was planned for, with over 40 zombies being accounted for at the time of this very briefing.

   Still, there is a single professor at Michigan State who might have valuable information. One of the faculty present at the outbreak. This one claims to have knowledge of what the exact nature of the experiments taking place during the outbreak. If the human resistance can get a team to him, secure his position and see him extracted, they might be able to turn the tide against the undead.

The professor will not be easy to find though. In the aftermath of the outbreak, he went into hiding, and only a few former students know his location. One of the students is said to be hiding around Wells Courtyard, and at 6PM will be looking to rendezvous with the Human Resistance. at 7PM, there will be a national guard extraction, looking for any survivors as well as the professor. If he can be reached before 7PM, he might be convinced to stay and help the fight for humanity.”

—— MISSION DETAILS ——- Runtime is from 6:00pm to 7:00pm-ish (Really whenever the objective is completed)

   1 Mod represents the mission objective.

   That mod can only be found by following a series of clues, starting with the moderator at Wells Courtyard.

   The students/clues will be wearing BLUE bandannas on either their head or arm. If they wear their bandanna on their heads, it is purely for cosmetic purposes, they are not infected. Only the professor can be infected by zombies by getting tagged 3 times.
The goal of the human players is to secure the mission objective, which will mean defending it for 15 minutes.
The goal of the zombie players is to infect the mission objective by tagging it 3 times when it appear

At 7PM a safe zone will go into effect over all campus. The area directly involved with the mission objective may not go into the safe zone at exactly 7PM. In the event that the mission is not quite finished at 7PM, the safe zone might get pushed back just for those players, in order to allow the mission to be completed.

Mission 1 Consequences:

Resistance Members,

Keep on the lookout for infected humans tagging other humans. Original Zombies will not become fully undead (bandanna around the head) until 5:00pm today, due to the fact that all 5 surveyors (moderators) died in the last mission, thus preventing them from discerning the identities of the OZs.
Mission 2 details will be released later this afternoon.

Stay Vigilant,

-SvZ Admins

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Mission 1 – Fall 2014

(There is a recap of the mission details at the bottom)

I’m contacting you because we’re the only ones. I’m writing to you, under a pseudonym, because I’ve received some very serious information. Information with consequences, that you’re not being told of, because they can’t be sure yet. But they know.

What I mean to say is, we’ve got the undead at Michigan State again. Hordes of… sickening creatures, turning our time here into a twisting hellscape once or twice a year. Eventually they evac some survivors, and basically carpet bomb the place, and we all come back and rebuild society. I guess some of these government types got the idea to lock one of these things up. From a past invasion. See if they can study it, learn from it, finally develop that cure we keep hearing about. Well… You know the rest, don’t you?

It got loose today. Took four students down with it right away. They’re on the loose too. They’ve got some time of course, before it becomes obvious, and while they’re still walking around, looking normal, no government officer is going to recognize an official threat. That’s why it’s me that’s writing you, under a pseudonym. I’ll tell you right now that they’ve got a cabal of government agents out there. I’ll tell you where they’re going. Surveying the area, and preparing a report to confirm or deny an official “outbreak.” We’ve got to protect these agents. I’ve seen how this goes down, and we need to know what exactly is coming our way.

So get out there and help them. They need your help.

—– MISSION DETAILS—- Mission 1 will run from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

5 moderators will be on campus at the following locations:

  • Snyder-Phillips
  • West Circle
  • South Neighborhood
  • Wells Hall
  • Beaumont Tower

They can be identified by their BLUE armbands. The job of the Resistance is to protect the moderators during the 2 hours of the mission.

Zombie players will be trying to tag the moderator before the end of the mission. Moderators must be tagged 3 times by zombies or 1 time by an OZ in order to fall.  At the end of the mission, and moderators that are both accompanied by human resistance players, as well as not having been turned by zombies, will reveal the name of a single original zombie. Each moderator will have a different name, and will only reveal the name of the zombie assigned to them–which will then be reflected on the website.
Original Zombies who are “revealed” will begin to play as regular zombies, Original Zombies who are not revealed can continue to play under the “Original Zombie” rules.
As always, both teams have the potential to earn rewards for the next day by running successful missions.
Also remember to review the rules about Original Zombie stunning. Yes, they can be stunned, no they don’t have to tell you, and nothing you do with a Nerf dart or sock means anything until they have become unstunned, which they don’t have to tell you about either.

Stay Vigilant!
~SvZ Admins

P.S. – Remember that the Original Zombies (OZ’s) are marked as humans and will not intentially reveal themselves until it is too late!

P. P. S. – The names of the administrators and mods will have their own page on the site to avoid anyone posing as a moderator. Any moderator should be willing to show identification if asked.

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New Game and Zombie Awareness Day

Spartans! We’re pleased to announce that there will be a Spartans Vs. Zombies game Fall 2014! The game will begin Monday October 6th, and play through Friday October 10th. Since this is the first Fall game in many years, we want to make sure as many people know about it as possible. As such, we’re declaring Thursday October 2nd Zombie Awareness Day at MSU! Dig out your orange or yellow armbands, and show some human pride all day Thursday. We ask that, for this event you stick to just the armband, and leave your Nerf guns at home. Also, we encourage you to head over to this event on facebook and invite all your friends.

Registration is now open!!! Sign up for WordPress and then sign up for the game. You must use an <> address when creating an account in order to play!!! If you would like to help lead the zombie horde as one of the Original Zombies, the process for that will be different this year. Please e-mail with the subject like “OZ” and let us know that you’re interested.

Also, below is this years flyer for Spartans vs. Zombies. If you’d like to print it off and post up copies wherever you think the building won’t take them down, then feel free to help get the word out this way as well. Finally at the bottom is a video log of Alex Clark’s experiences in the Spring 2014 game.

SvZ Fall 2014

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Mission 6 – This is the end.

From you loving zombie overlords,



This is the mission to decide weather the surviving humans will cure all of campus or the zombie infection will condemn us all. Mission will start at 6:30. Humans report to the rock between 6:00 and 6:30. Zombies report to the Spartan Statue between 6:00 and 6:30. The goal for the humans will be to save as many of the cures as possible. We will hand them out to the humans at the start of the mission. The zombies need to try to convert as many humans with cures as possible. Some of the cures will be real and some will not be. Try to save/capture as many as you can. There will be five minute stun time for the zombies during the mission and a five minute conversion time for anyone who gets infected. More information will be given at the start of the mission so please report to your given areas by 6:25. The game will be on pause (zombies can’t be stunned and humans can’t be turned) from 5:30 to 6:30. At 7:30 the game is over and everyone report to Dem Field to hand in you cures and get the results… DO NOT OPEN THE CURES.

Happy hunting Zombies and Stay vigilant humans. This is your last chance for survival/brains.

~SvZ Admins

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MISSION 5: They just keep coming!


A message from the uninfected administrators:


It has come to our attention that the зомби вирус (zombie virus) has mutated due to the success of the zombies last night. Because the Juggernaut became a Super Zombie, the strain of the вирус has increased in strength allowing the zombies to recover from damage inflicted by the humans more quickly. Additionally, the transformation of Pepper Jack (the legendary and charismatic zombie slayer) into a Super Zombie is revealing many strange behavior patterns in humans who are not even part of the struggle.


The reigning administrators have become the first to fall victim to the зомби вирус, and as such they may or may not have been slowly transmitting it to non-resistance members. Pepper Jack’s charisma has also been spread amongst to the Horde, only hastening the progress of зомби вирус. We believe that the horde will be even larger than what is currently reflected in the Game Status section of our website. Rather than cop-out and say “it’s probably nothing to worry about,” we encourage you to stay vigilant before, during, and after tomorrow’s operation. The MSU Russian Club is eager to find out exactly how these enhanced zombies can be stopped, as they had previously slaughtered many of the agents in the first mission without any added perks. To find out such information, members of the human resistance will be able to positively accelerate cure research by stunning zombies with their FOAM (Fun Ordinance Disposal Mechanism) darts during the mission. Some ZED (Zombie-less Engineering and Defense) agents will be scattered around North Campus from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM to dispense a somewhat limited amount of cures to the humans.   This cure will be able to  revent the zombie virus from taking over a recently infected human but be warned, they may also be providing help to the Horde as well. Trust no one.


A message from Pepper Jack and the Juggernaut:


Now is the *brains* (time) to test your skills in a *brains* (situation) where you are truly *brains* (undead)! Utilize the *brains* (ZEDs) to see how many Humans *brains* *brains* *brains* (you can infect in preparation for the *brains* (Final Mission))! Go forth, destroy the Human Resistance,  and eat their *brains* (brains) 


*Brains**brains*, *brains**brains**brains*….*braaaains*! (REDACTED)


Rewards for Mission 4:


• For the turning of the Juggernaut, the Horde has had their stun timer reduced to 10 minutes from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

• For the turning of Pepper Jack, people who have not registered may participate in tomorrow’s mission and fight for the Horde (more information in its own section below).

• For holding Wells after turning both Super Zombies all zombies will be fed today before the mission and all starved zombies will be brought back to life and may play all day today and play tomorrow for the final mission! (Starved zombies, you may start playing now but it will take us a little while to change the website.)

• For trying really hard the Humans will have a safe zone in the Sny-Phi Courtyard starting at 6:45 PM. Prior to that, they may still be turned into zombies.  After the mission there will be a 20 minute pause on the game from 8:30 PM – 8:50 PM to tally up the scores and let you know the Kill/Death.  We will announce the results at Adams field for the Zombies and Snyder-Phillips for the humans.  Humans may use the pause time to retreat from the mission to fight on Saturday if they wish, however, anyone who can’t come Saturday might as well stick around to hear the results (“Fighting you way home through the horde can be a very … rewarding experience.” Translated quote from The Collective Works of the Juggernaut, actual quotation “Braaaaains“)



As is traditional, this Friday Mission was designed to be a lot of fun.  This mission is all about how many humans you can “eat” or how many Zombies you can “kill”.

• For the duration of tomorrow’s mission, HUMANS CANNOT BE TURNED! (unless you want to join the horde)

• Humans will report to Snyder -Phillips courtyard by 7:00 PM and Zombies to Adams Field by 7:00 PM for further instruction.  Mission will end at 8:30 PM and will be played on North campus (All on campus parts north of the river).

• The ZED agents will cure any human who gets tagged by a zombie. Conversely, they will also instantly un-stun zombies who approach them.  Zombies, during the mission the ONLY way for you to be unstunned is to approach a moderator.  Humans, if you wish to join the horde after being tagged please report to a moderator and let them know.  You will then be allowed to fight for the horde immediately.  Note however that there is no going back once turned!

• The ZEDs will be able to spontaneously create temporary safe zones as they see fit. Boundaries will be up to their discretion.

• The ZEDs are not just figure heads—they will actually take note of how many Humans get tagged and how many Zombies get stunned for statistical purposes. Please follow the honors system and report to them whenever you are tagged/stunned.  We are going to be calculating the K/D for this mission and see how many humans get turned for ever zombie that gets tagged.

A note on Unregistered Player Participation:

Hello members of SvZ! Humans, have you ever wanted to have strangers fire FOAM darts at your friends? Zombies, have you ever wanted to get revenge on the humans that left you behind? Did you ever want to do that with an even larger horde? Do you know that person who missed registration?  THEN INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO FIGHT FOR THE HORDE at Adams Field! Unregistered players must bring their own bandanas and cannot tag humans after the mission.

They MUST SIGN A SAFETY WAIVER AT ADAMS FIELD TO PLAY.  This is to protect us as a group and anyone caught playing without signing a safety waiver will be asked to leave or we will have to call the authorities.

Just remind them that:

***Spartans Vs Zombies is not responsible for any personal damage or injury incurred while playing, nor is Spartans Vs Zombies responsible for any stolen or lost property. Spartans Vs Zombies encourages players to view safety as pertinent during participation and Spartans Vs Zombies maintains that all players must abide by all safety regulations and policies established by Michigan State University and does not condone any illegal or unsafe behavior. If any unregistered person is caught breaking any laws or MSU ordinances the police will be notified. ***



We hope everyone can come out for the mission!  To confirm there will be a mission on Saturday starting at 6:30 PM and it will run until 7:30PM after which we will meet up as a group to find out if the Humans were able to cure campus and kill the infection, or if the Zombies have infected us all and we have join the Horde… It’ll be sweet.


Stay Vigilant!

~SvZ Admins

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